After-sales support is a priority for RTDS Technologies.

All RTDS simulation equipment is delivered with one year of full hardware warranty and software maintenance and technical support.

Our unwavering commitment to our customers extends far beyond the point of purchase.  Prior to expiry of the initial warranty and maintenance coverage all users are given the opportunity to participate in our world-class support and maintenance program.

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The total maintenance costs associated with the RTDS Simulator are significantly below industry standard.

Technical Support

RTDS Technologies employs a dedicated team of support engineers who are committed to addressing user inquiries quickly and comprehensively.

Users who participate in our software maintenance program may submit their inquiries by email at any time. Our team will respond to inquiries as soon as possible. Generally, 24 hours serves as an upper limit for response time. Our team is also available by phone from 09:00 – 16:00 Central Time (UTC – 6:00).

Support inquiries regarding each and every aspect of the RTDS Simulator – including hardware, software, and other questions – are submitted to the RTDS Technologies support team. The user is not required to rely on the support of any third parties.

Responses include marked-up screenshots, step-by-step detailed instructions, and references to relevant sections of our manuals for the user’s future reference. We frequently receive comments from customers around the world who are impressed with our exemplary after-sales support.

Software Warranty and Simulation Support

Our in-house simulation software, RSCAD, is distributed using a site license. This means that the user does not have to pay for software licenses per user – the license covers the entire site, with as many users as the client desires.

When RSCAD is purchased, the license includes all software modules, including the circuit assembly/parameter entry module with all model libraries, the system operation/interaction module with on-line monitoring and analysis functions, post processing module for managing study results, custom component development module for creating user defined component models, batch-operation capability for automation of test cases and studies as well as all underlying compilers and linkers.

Our extended software maintenance program includes:

  • Unlimited email and phone technical support, covering all aspects of the software and hardware, and
  • Access to every software upgrade as it is released – the site will always have the most current version of RSCAD.

Our software maintenance program is free of charge for non-commercial users.

When an RSCAD site license is purchased, the user will have zero need for any other third party products in order to operate the RTDS Simulator. This avoids any annual fees or maintenance costs associated with third party software.

Hardware Extended Warranty

Our hardware warranty includes the repair or replacement of any faulty part of the RTDS Simulator (parts and labour). There is zero deductible for hardware maintenance.

Customers who participate in the hardware maintenance program are also eligible for the Hardware Exchange Program in order to help ensure that their Simulator contains the most current hardware available.

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