In some cases, particularly when large power system networks are to be modeled, the interconnection data and parameter data is available to the user in files which were used as input to other simulation programs.

The development team at RTDS Technologies is continually working to expand the capabilities of RSCAD to convert and accept data from other programs. Currently, RSCAD has compatibility with both PSS/E and MATLAB/Simulink.

If you have questions with the current or future capability of RSCAD to interface with other simulation programs, please Contact Us today.


A data conversion program is available which takes, as input, the load flow description (.raw), dynamic data (.dyr), and the sequence data file (.seq) used as input for the PSS/e program and produces output files that can be read by RSCAD/Draft. The conversion process takes text files, which describe the system, as input, and produces a graphical layout of the system as output.

The conversion program also accepts BPA format data files. The conversion program first converts the BPA format files to PSS/E format and then processes newly created PSS/e format files.

The PSS/E conversion program can be run directly from the main page (File Manager module) of RSCAD. A screenshot is included below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.47.06 PM



RSCAD provides the ability to import Simulink models into RSCAD’s library through the ComponentBuilder (CBuilder) module. MATLAB’s Embedded Coder makes it possible to translate a Simulink model into C code, which can then be used to generate a CBuilder component. Presently, CBuilder’s Simulink import tool only handles the conversion of Simulink control models to RSCAD CBuilder components.

In order to import a Simulink model into RSCAD through CBuilder, the Simulink model must follow several requirements:

  • Simulink control models only,
  • The Simulink model must use a fixed-step solver,
  • The Simulink model must only use inline S-Function blocks (if any), and
  • The Simulink model must be converter to ANSI C code using MATLAB’s Embedded  Coder.

The Simulink conversion program can be run directly from the ComponentBuilder module Tools menu. A screenshot is included below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.47.13 PM


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