RSCAD is RTDS Technologies’ proprietary power system simulation software, designed specifically for interfacing to the RTDS Simulator hardware.

RSCAD® is a user-friendly interface, intended to create a working environment familiar to the power system engineer. It allows the user to perform all of the necessary steps to prepare and run simulations, and to analyze simulation results – all without the use of third-party products, which can be difficult to maintain and troubleshoot.


Because RSCAD was developed in-house and exclusively for use with the RTDS Simulator, RTDS Technologies’ support team has comprehensive knowledge of the software. Customers who participate in our software maintenance program receive email and/or phone support from our in-house team, who are trained to answer any and all questions regarding software use. They also receive any software updates as they are released – the RTDS Technologies team is constantly working to improve the capabilities of our software, so the software evolves over time. Please note that RSCAD is compatible with Windows 10. Visit our Support and Maintenance page to learn more.

RSCAD includes several modules that allow all facets of the real time simulations to be created, executed, controlled and analysed without the use of third-party products. Visit our RSCAD Modules page to learn about the various modules.

Check out the other pages in the Our Software navigation tab to learn about RSCAD’s modelling libraries, component builder, script and automation facilities, and other features.

Download the RSCAD product information sheet.