Each piece of hardware that is shipped, and software that is released, is manufactured and thoroughly tested in-house at our facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Quality Assurance Program

RTDS Technologies is committed to maintaining our quality at the highest level. RTDS Technologies pioneered real time digital simulation technology and continues to increase its capability and quality through hardware and software developments.

Since the simulator is used to test the operation of equipment prior to installation in a utility network, our clients require us to prove the Simulator’s quality and validate its operation. We also support our clients by proving the validation to their customers. Therefore, numerous parties in the supply chain depend on our continued dedication to quality.

Based on the performance of over 1,300 RTDS Simulator units located all over the globe, the quality of both the hardware and software has not only met, but exceeded expectations. In addition to the rigorous in-house the testing performed by RTDS Technologies, our power and control system component models have been tested, refined, and in some cases defined by our clients during their daily work with the simulator.

Our continuous quality improvement strategy involves validation of every part of the simulator at each stage of development and production. In-house and beta-site testing occur prior to release of new or improved hardware and software to our clients. Quality begins at the design phase and continues throughout the production process until final installation at the client’s site.

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Production Testing

The first step of our testing process is Production Testing. Production tests are performed by the RTDS Technologies team as each specific piece of hardware is assembled. Components that have been individually tested are then assembled in a cubicle, and production system tests are performed. All production tests must be completed prior to release of any RTDS Simulator hardware for factory testing.

Each printed circuit board is physically examined prior to testing. Production tests are then performed, using board level diagnostic and test routines. These include port testing (including GT, communication, and optical ports) and interface testing.

Factory Testing

Factory tests are performed by the RTDS Technologies team prior to the delivery of any RTDS Simulator hardware. A standard factory test plan exists for all RTDS Simulator systems.

Factory tests are typically run with the RTDS Simulator hardware configured according to the customer’s requirements. Factory tests are intended to demonstrate correct and proper operation of all RTDS hardware and the interface software.

There are two types of factory tests: hardware functionality tests and system tests. Hardware functionality tests include input/output testing, communication ability testing, and diagnostic tests. System tests ensure that all processor cards function properly and are able to participate in a full simulation. System tests include long-term simulation tests and cross-unit communications testing.

Each customer receives a detailed test report, including test case descriptions and test results, upon delivery of their RTDS Simulator.