Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our product –
and it all starts with design.

Our design philosophy sits on three main pillars that make the RTDS Simulator by far the most used real-time power system simulator in the world. We have over 350 satisfied customers – among them the world’s leaders in their craft – in 42 countries and counting, and it all starts here.



INTENTION: Designed for power systems from day one.

The RTDS Simulator was designed for power system simulation from the beginning. The Simulator was the culmination of research done at the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre in the 1980s by a team of people who were passionate enough about power systems to dedicate their careers to it.

Because of these roots and continued development in the power systems sphere, all aspects of the RTDS Simulator are designed exclusively for power system studies. This has distinct and tangible impacts:

  • The RTDS Simulator uses a nodal analysis-based solution algorithm which is shared by other industry standard power system simulation programs, and which is the most widely accepted method for electromagnetic transient simulation.
  • The RTDS Simulator’s circuit diagrams are instantly familiar to any user who has previous experience with power system diagrams. The symbols and configurations used are standards of the power industry.
  • The RTDS Simulator’s component models are designed by power systems experts with years of education and industry experience.

COHESION: Designed entirely under our roof.

The design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, servicing and support, shipping, and continued development of the RTDS Simulator is all done out of the RTDS Technologies headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

We are able to maintain the highest quality of equipment and support in the industry because we control every aspect of our product’s development. We take great pride in this. Every piece of equipment that leaves our facility has been developed, built and thoroughly tested in-house.

The fact that we do not use third-party products makes our support and maintenance program incredibly simple and convenient for our customers. Beyond convenience, though, is the timeliness and thoroughness with which our team responds to support inquiries. We have a dedicated staff of support engineers, many of whom have been involved in the actual development of the simulator, who devote their time to addressing customer inquiries about the operation of the simulator. In fact, the feedback we most frequently receive from customers is that our after-sales support is second to none.

INNOVATION: Designed every single day.

At RTDS Technologies, we’re always innovating. The Simulator is constantly evolving in response to growing customer needs, the emergence of new technologies and methods within the power industry, and our desire to give our customers the best product possible.

Many of the models and features of RSCAD and the RTDS Simulator have been developed in response to specific requests from our customers. We serve the world’s leading power system equipment manufacturers, utilities, universities and research institutions. Our customers are often working with emerging technologies or implementing cutting-edge new practices and need the Simulator to keep up with them.

Additionally, many of our RTDS Technologies team members are involved in industry working groups, which are dedicated to the research and advancement of various technologies. This helps us stay current, anticipate the future needs of our customers, and contribute to our industry.