RSCAD Version 5.003: Introducing PSCAD to RSCAD conversion

RSCAD Version 5.003: Introducing PSCAD to RSCAD conversion

This is the second post in a series of four covering various features of the newest version of the RSCAD software – Version 5.003.

Introducing the PSCAD to RSCAD conversion tool

Bring cases from PSCAD into RSCAD for real time simulation with minimal intervention

RSCAD contains several tools for converting and importing circuits developed in other softwares, such as PSSE, CYME, and MATLAB/Simulink. The latest case conversion tool to be released for the RTDS Simulator is the PSCAD to RSCAD Conversion Tool, which takes .pscx files from PSCAD and imports them as Draft files for the RTDS Simulator. PSCAD is a PC-based electromagnetic transient simulation tool – an industry standard power system transient simulation tool used worldwide. The new conversion tool allows users to bring their PSCAD cases into real time using the RTDS Simulator.

The conversion tool uses hierarchy boxes in RSCAD to make managing systems of all sizes easier. Imported cases are automatically split into sections using hierarchy boxes separated by T-lines which exist in the original network. In the example below, the breaker on the receiving end of the T-line in the original case has been automatically absorbed into the RSCAD T-line model’s end-point in order to reduce the node count of the RSCAD simulation.

The conversion tool offers flexible options for changing simulation parameters, creating subsystems, and splitting the network. The rack number, simulation timestep, and the maximum number of nodes per subnetwork are all parameters that can be adjusted from the conversion program. The user can configure subsystems from within the tool itself as well, and has at-a-glance access to the number of load units per hierarchy box and the length of transmission lines in the system. The circuit can easily be split over multiple racks and/or chassis to achieve the user’s desired balance of nodes and component loading.

The conversion tool contains built-in conversion scripts (written in JavaScript) and allows user-defined scripts which allow the user to specify or override the way in which components are translated from PSCAD to RSCAD. This provides an opportunity for the user to translate new or non-master library PSCAD components which may not yet be written into the tool.

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