Current Issue – July 2019

RTDS News July 2019


RTDS News July 2019 Features: Validating subsynchronous resonance (SSR) damping schemes at Cardiff University; Multi-core network solution allows larger closely-coupled systems, plus many more new RSCAD features
RTDS News December 2018 Features: Grid modernization at SDG&E: multi-device distribution automation, standardizing DER integration ; Chile’s first RTDS Simulator laboratory
RTDS News September 2018 Features: The powerful new features and models of RSCAD 5.006 – plus, download a new paper from RTDS Technologies
RTDS News June 2018 Features: BREAKING: First ever HV transmission line protected with traveling wave relay tested by SEL on the RTDS Simulator; New Superstep tool allows users to simulate larger networks with less hardware
RTDS News March 2018 Features: Introducing TWRT:test traveling wave protection devices with small timestep frequency dependent lines; The all-new GPES allows custom converter modelling in the nanosecond range via FPGA
RTDS News September 2017 Features: RTDS Technologies selected to provide record-breaking simulator to China’s SGEPRI/NARI; Development of an MMC-based STATCOM using the RTDS Simulator at Hyosung Corporation in Korea
RTDS News July 2017 Features: NovaCor – the powerful new generation of simulation hardware for the RTDS Simulator; MODBUS protocol released for GTNETx2
RTDS News March 2017 Features: HIL testing and relay model validation at a collaborative real time simulation facility in South Africa; Dont’ miss the 2017 RTDS Applications & Technology Conference in Winnipeg, Canada
RTDS News December 2016
 Features: RTDS Simulator included in BPA’S HIL test bed for addressing cyber security threats; New functionality added to MMC valve models – and other new features in RSCAD V5
RTDS News September 2016 Features: Yunnan Luxi back-to-back HVDC project in China; RSCAD V5 featuring revamped compiler and all-new Distribution Mode
RTDS News July 2016
 Features: GE Grid Solutions develops new protection algorithms in MATLAB-Simulink and tests them in real time; RTDS Simulator featured in UCAIug Interoperability Demonstration Booth at CIGRE Paris
RTDS News March 2016
 Features: CPUT grants funding to simulation laboratory; FPGA-based firmware increases IEC 61850 Sampled Values streaming capabilities of the RTDS Simulator
RTDS News December 2015
 Features: Improving New Zealand’s power system reliability; PHIL simulation with PV inverter using RTDS Simulator
RTDS News September 2015 Features: Testing a nuclear fusion reactor controller at the National Fusion Research Institute in Korea, RTDS Technologies industry R&D initiatives
RTDS News June 2015 Features: Guest Article the large-scale AC-DC parallel transmission network at China Southern Grid, Small Timestep Subnetworks features
RTDS News March 2015 Features: Guest Article on obtaining the frequency response of AVRs in a closed-loop system at NTC EES Russia, MMC Support Unit V2. The full article from NTC EES, Russia is available for download. Click here.
RTDS News December 2014
Features: Guest Article from Information Trust Institute, Fiber Enhanced Backplane and GTNET Socket protocol
RTDS News September 2014 Features: Guest Article focusing on the effect of distribution circuit loading on air conditioner motor stall using a Real Time Simulator, GTNETx2, MMS Voyageur
RTDS News April 2014 Features: Guest Article from MPEI, RTDS Celebrates 20 Years at the Top, Component Highlight: The MMC Support Unit
RTDS News December 2013 Features: Guest Article from SEL, Manitoba Hydro Orders RTDS Simulator, Year-End Wrap Up
RTDS News September 2013 Features: Guest Article from EKRA, RTDS Technologies Reaches a Milestone, What Our Clients Are Saying: FURNAS
RTDS News June 2013 Features: Multi-Module Converters, National Technical University of Athens, User’s Group Meeting
RTDS News May 2012 Features: Southern California Edison, RSCAD v3.000 Release
RTDS News July 2011 Features: PB5 and GTSYNC cards
RTDS News Fall 2010 Features: CHUBU EPCO, IRC Switch, Faulted Generator Model
RTDS News Fall 2009 Features: Protection and Automation Library enhancements, New GTNET-GSE Firmware
RTDS News Summer 2009 Features: ENEL Distribuzione’s research lab, GTFPGA development, GTWIF Card
RTDS News Summer 2008 Features: J-Power upgrade, GTNET applications
RTDS News Summer 2006 Features: ABB FACTS upgrade, GTNET IEC 61850 and Playback
RTDS News Summer 2005 Features: GPC card release, RSCAD update
RTDS News January 2005 Features: TU Delft and TU Eindhoven power system simulation lab, GE Multilin study for LADWP
RTDS News January 2004 Features: Nokian Capacitors, RPC Network Solution
RTDS News February 2003 Features: RPC Card release; RSCAD release
RTDS News May 2002 Features: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, FDAC and DOPTO release
RTDS News June 2001 Features: World’s Largest Power System Simulator Installed in Korea
RTDS News December 2000 Features: ALSTOM T&D Power Electronics – Innovative Use of Control System Simulations
RTDS News June 2000 Features: Siemens and RTDS Technologies – Successful Cooperation
RTDS News December 1999 Features: All 3PC rack, WIF card release, Portable simulator release, PSCAD update
RTDS News April 1999 Features: Relay Development and Testing at ALSTOM
RTDS News December 1998 Features: RTDS to Supply Large Scale Power System Simulator in Korea
RTDS News June 1998 Features: Component models for use with the 3PC
RTDS News December 1997 Features: PSCAD release First Delivery of New 3PC Hardware
RTDS News May 1997 Features: 3PC card release, Global Bus Card, Induction Machine
RTDS News January 1997 Features: RTDS in Japan


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