TWRT: Traveling Wave Relay Testing with the RTDS Simulator

RTDS Technologies makes waves with the world’s most robust tool for testing traveling wave protection devices in a closed loop


The emergence of traveling wave line protection and fault location is a true breakthrough in the power industry, improving power system performance by increasing transient stability margins, increasing public and personnel safety, and limiting equipment wear and damage. The ultra-high-speed protective devices incorporating these techniques trip securely in a few milliseconds, record events in the MHz sampling rate range, and locate faults with unprecedented accuracy. With the release of our new TWRT functionality, the RTDS Simulator enables our users to comprehensively and flexibly test traveling wave protection devices in a closed loop.


Accurately test traveling wave protection and fault location (found in the SEL-T400L) in a closed loop with the simulated power system

The industry’s only tool with robust Frequency Dependent Phase Domain transmission line models operating at the necessary small timestep for traveling wave testing

Multiple line segments represent physical transposition and allow fault modeling at multiple locations


Why TWRT will be the world standard in traveling wave testing


TWRT was developed by RTDS Technologies’ world-class power system protection experts. The tool and models involved have been specifically designed to accurately represent traveling wave attenuation and dispersion for proper performance analysis of traveling wave protection and fault locating. Robust and accurate models developed by applications specialists is what makes the RTDS Simulator the world standard for the closed-loop testing of protection and control equipment.

Two hardware options for varying capabilities and budgets

TWRT’s high-speed frequency dependent phase domain transmission line models can run directly on the powerful multicore processor-based NovaCor simulation hardware. This is a highly flexible and expandable option with the ability to simulate larger systems – for example, parallel line schemes.

Using the dedicated GTFPGA Unit running the TWRT firmware allows for the high-speed simulation of frequency dependent phase domain transmission lines in parallel with the rest of the real time simulation running on main processing hardware. The GTFPGA Unit is a low-cost option that can be used in cases where small- or medium-sized systems are being simulated. GTFPGA-TWRT is directly interfaced with the small timestep simulation environment via a fibre cable.

GTFPGA-TWRT is compatible with both NovaCor and PB5 processor card-based simulation hardware.

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