The industry’s most accurate representation of high frequency switching circuits

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.16.14 PMPower electronics based schemes require small timesteps to properly represent high frequency switching and circuit dynamics. The RTDS Simulator allows users to flexibly simulate power electronic circuits and simulate them alongside larger timestep power system components.

Power electronic circuits operate with timesteps in the range of 1-4 µs and can be interfaced to large scale power system simulations operating with timesteps in the order of 25-50 µs. A key feature of power electronics simulation is that the circuit and valve topology is user configurable. Two- and three-level converters can be freely configured to provide crow-bar circuits, etc. for PWM switching at greater than 2 kHz. Low-loss, fixed topology two- and three-level converters are also available for operation at PWM switching frequencies in the range of ~40 kHz.


Simulate LCC, VSC, and MMC-based schemes with up to 1024 submodules per valve. Comprehensively test the controls for complex systems prior to commissioning.

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Distributed Energy Resources

Simulate two- and three-level converters switched at frequencies in the tens of kHz range. Test controllers or power hardware in the loop with the simulation.

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Simulate custom-topology converters at sub-microsecond timesteps and test their controls in the loop with the simulation.

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Our extensive list of technical publications contains published papers related to power electronics.