The RTDS Simulator is an ideal demonstration and learning tool to illustrate simulation techniques, power system dynamics and operation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.20.23 PMEducational Environment

Many universities and other learning institutions worldwide have incorporated the RTDS Simulator into their education and R&D programs. Programs involving the RTDS Simulator have been set up for students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Students can effectively interact with an operating power system modeled by the Simulator. The RTDS Simulator provides the students with a hands-on illustrative tool to help them bridge the gap between theory and practical operation of a power system. The real time operation of the simulator also allows students to gain experience with real measurement, protection and control equipment which can be connected to the RTDS Simulator.

A full set of sample manuals for undergraduate laboratories which employ the RTDS Simulator is available upon request.

Operator Training Environment

Utilities worldwide use the RTDS Simulator to represent their network and train operators. The Simulator allows engineers and technicians to work with and test utility-specific physical protection and control equipment – under live operating conditions. Changes and modifications can be executed and tested in a safe laboratory environment before being implemented in the field.

Our utility customers have reported that the utilization of the RTDS Simulator for training purposes has resulted in reduced system downtime, the prevention of equipment damage, a more favourable reputation with their customers, and residual increased revenue.

Our extensive list of technical publications contains published papers related to this topic.